Supplying Artwork

Guidelines for Supplying Artwork

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If emailing, send your documents to

Programs & Files

  • Adobe Illustrator – Version CS4 or lower
  • Adobe InDesign – Version CS4 or lower
  • Adobe Photoshop – Version CS4 or lower
  • PDF – Version 9.0 or lower
  • QuarkXpress – Version 8.0 or lower
  • NOTE: ONLY DIGITAL artwork is accepted (i.e. no film and no negatives).

Color Information

  • When assigning color to files, PLEASE USE SPOT COLORS ONLY. Do not use any Process CMYK color builds.
  • If we receive files in CMYK we will return them and ask that you convert them to spot color, or we will convert and bill you at our current hourly rate.

Font Information

  • Convert text to paths, curves or outlines (vector art), text that becomes an object can no longer be edited as text.
  • If this is not possible send in the printer and screen fonts used for the job to be printed.
  • Always send your font with your job regardless if we have used them before or not.

File Information

  • Include ALL EPS and TIFF files used for the job to be printed. We need a copy of every file used in creating the document.
  • When sending PDF’s, please include a composite and color separated pages.
  • Always keep a copy of your file. DO NOT send in your only copy.
  • Please include what Operating System was used in creating your files (Mac or PC).
  • We can accept CDs in either Mac or PC.
  • We also accept e-mail files A PDF is suggested, but you can email your file if size permits.
  • We do not recommend anything over 3MB through email.
  • We request that the file page size matches the final form size.

Additional Information

  • It is important that you include a color composite, or separations that are labeled, of the artwork and any special instructions.
  • When submitting by email please include company name, contact name, P.O. number and a telephone number. This will assist us in quickly matching the email with any hard copy information being sent in.
  • If you do not request a proof from us we do not assume any responsility for errors and/or omissions on the files submitted.

Please call or email if you have any questions concerning the above.