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Providing outstanding customer service and excellent job opportunities for the communities in which we operate.

Founded in 1979, Highland Computer Forms has grown to become an industry leader in the business forms market. The company was started by Philip D Wilson, previously employed as a manager for a similar computer forms manufacturer. Highland is a privately owned, family business with Mr. Wilson serving as the chairman of the board.

Highland, named for the county in which it was formed, began operations with three press operators and three machines. Growth came quickly–almost too quickly. By 1981, Highland Computer Forms was running three shifts, often six days a week. That mandated more floor space so operations were relocated to a larger facility.

The owner made what would prove to be an important decision in the summer of 1984, to open a second full-service manufacturing plant. That decision became a reality in September of 1985, when Highland began manufacturing in Angola, Indiana. Tragedy struck on November 17, 1986 when, early that Monday morning, fire broke out in the Greenfield location. At this point, the Angola plant took over most of the manufacturing duties with employees from the Greenfield plant temporarily relocating there to assist in keeping the presses running. Fortunately, an existing building in Hillsboro, Ohio had become available and equipment rebuilt after the fire was moved to this location. After the move this “small company” pulled together and made expansion plans that included still another full-service manufacturing plant in York, Pennsylvania. This location opened in September of 1988. The business quickly grew at all locations, making it necessary to open a fourth location. The next site chosen was Jackson, Tennessee, which began manufacturing in December of 1989. With this location’s opening, Highland became able to provide next day delivery service to most locations east of the Mississippi River. This has given Highland Computer Forms an advantage over its competitors.

In July of 1999, Economy Data Products (EDP) was acquired. With locations in Iowa and New Jersey, in addition to several public warehouse facilities, this acquisition provided growth from additional customer base and a new presence west of the Mississippi. In May of 2000, a plant operated by OEI in the Des Moines, Iowa area was acquired and shortly thereafter both Iowa facilities were combined in one building. This new Urbandale, Iowa location not only provided a shipping point farther west, but also new capabilities which increased Highland’s product line.

Today we still focus on the reasons this company was initially started: to provide outstanding service to our customers, while providing excellent job opportunities for the communities in which we operate.

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